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Khalid Hamza

Hi there, I am Abdulsalam 'Khalid' Hamza, I am an Independent Travel and Documentary Photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria. I have a deep rooted passion for Culture and I am also fascinated by the rise of Smartphone Technology especially in the area ... Read More

Why 2018 is my most amazing year yet - Hello 2019!

Hello Hello guys, it's so good to be back on this space. My absence was largely because this website was undergoing some renovation. Its finally done now and I think I like the feels. I hope you guys do too. I plan to do more travel and content writing this year so you guys be sure to stick by because definitely loads of interesting articles coming. So what better way to start the year I thought, if not to recount on some of the amazing moments from last year -- 2018. let's go!!


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The Jumpman Message

Yup! We still jumping in 2019. That's pretty much the plan for the new year -- to keep grinding, to keep pushing, discovering new places and stories and most of all, trying to live authentically as much as I can. Thank you all for the support in 2018. Super psyched for all that's to come this year. If you are ever in my city or you find me in your city, please say hello and let's jump together.😉